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Thread: Cataloochee

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    Quote Originally Posted by sammcdonald View Post
    there is a small stream that is just below the trailhead that goes to little cat baptist church and the cook cabin off of old 284.....
    I think I checked out this stream you're talking about back over Thanksgiving...I believe it is Correll Branch, and until recently it was indeed closed. I tried a few casts, but it was getting close to dark, the temperature was falling, and I was a bit nervous about that gravel road icing over, so I wasn't able to give it much of a trial. I plan on hitting that Little Cataloochee area when we head up after Easter - it looks wonderfully isolated.

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    Default My trip to Cataloochee

    Well, I ended going to Cataloochee and stayed up at camp 39. I figured fishing would be slow because of the cold and I was right. I did catch several brookies in the upper parts of Palmer Creek and Pretty Hollow, but no rainbows. I suppose that they are willing to eat at lower temps than rainbows. It was interesting to see the elk with tags (much like cattle) standing near the road on the way in. I also liked the chapel, schoolhouse, and Palmer House. All in all I wish the fishing had been better, but the Cataloochee valley is a beautiful and peaceful place to go so I have no regrets. It looks like it is warming up and I probably missed the start of good fishing by a week or so. Thanks to all for the advice.

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    Default Yes Sir

    I live about 30 minutes out of Cataloochee and you hit it right on the head. 39 is my favorite backcountry site to stay at, but I love the brook. I usually catch a few nice fish up Pretty Hollow and Palmer, and have seen several trophy fish in Lost Bottoms. The weather has been terrible, but I have managed 3 trips in there this week, only one had any success and that was in Correll branch of Little Cataloochee. Even the brook were sluggish, not hit and run just drifting up and getting it. Any time you head back this way let me know, I love fishing and talking, and I am pretty knowledgeable about this side of the park. Walnut Bottoms, 36, on Big Creek is a great place to stay with plenty of Brook and small small rainbows.

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