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Thread: Greetings former neighbors. A new FF approach

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    Default Greetings former neighbors. A new FF approach

    I already miss everything about the Smokies. I have found an interesting alternative to wading or even floating. Here is a link the the Georgia Kayak Fly Fishing.

    they also Kayak for stripers down here. Not on fly's though I'd like to hook a 20 pounder n a fly!

    If anyone has tried this please let me know. I believe I'll give it a whirl.

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    Default Yup ...

    You can count me among the kayak fly-anglers.

    I love to wade the streams in the Smokies, but closer to home, I use my Tarpon to ply the waters for Smallies in local rivers and big browns in the Cumberland tailwaters.


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    Count me in too. Here in middle TN, most of my flyfishing is done based out of a kayak. Mostly for stream smallies. I cast out of it often, but its primary benefit s the ability to rapidly get from one shoal system to the next, where I get out and wade. It is a wonderful way to get away from the other folks wading. It is also wonderful how many animals and scenery you get to see too, since you cover so much distance.

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