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Thread: Favorite Book?

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    Gierach's "Standing in a River Waving a Stick" is my favorite of his, but you really can't go wrong with his books. They're not a complicated read, but he knows his stuff, and he knows why he enjoys fly fishing. He also knows how to write about it in a way that would make you kill to get on the river while reading his essays.

    "A River Runs Through it" is good read too. It's a shorter book, which can be knocked out in a day if you choose to spend the time on it. Its purist fly fishing to the core, this book makes more of comment on life in general than just simply fly fishing.

    "The Old Man and the Sea" by Hemmingway isn't about fly fishing, but its one of my favorite books of any genre. I read this book once or twice every summer, and definately when I'm at the beach. It's only 90 pages, and I highly recommend everyone to read it.

    I'm about to start "A Pale Morning Dun" by Jeff Hull. I'll let you know how it is.
    "I've got to stop wishin, I've got to go fishin"

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    "a good life wasted" by dave ames is without a doubt the most entertaining fly fishing book I've read.

    obviously trout bum. "joe and me" is also an excellent read.

    a good how to book is "instinctive fly fishing"

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    Default books

    middleton's spine book is great,hemingway's "Big 2 hearted river "is good-trout bum is a good one-a little book called"foggy mountain breakdown"by Dweller(out of print I think) is agreat book that was ignored--fishing boy grows up to be a messed up man--all in the Smokies--lots of truths."Pale morning dun" is kind of ok--We have been "A River Runs Through It" to death-but it is a good story,distorted somewhat by Redford's excellent movie.

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    Default Remember this

    If I ever give anyone here some advise, you are taking advise from someone who really enjoys reading Patrick McManus. If you can't laugh at his adventures, you've got a lousy sense of humor.

    No, he is not a relative, however my brother's name is Patrick. My brother has never even picked up a fish pole.
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    Default The Michigan Contingent


    I often read this message board but have never posted. I actually fired off a message in reply to one of this weeks fishing reports where Byron talked about fishing at Gates Lodge here on the AuSable. I saw the thread about books today and just had to add my two cents.

    Don't forget the Michigan contingent and or the Michigan connection. Hemingway was mentioned. However, we have a wealth of great fishing/outdoor writers who are either from here or have a Michigan connection.

    Jerry Dennis
    Jim Harrison
    Thomas McGuane
    Robert Traver (John Voelker)
    Nick Lyons
    Bob Linsenman

    These are the guys that I can think of just off the top of my head. There are many more out there and you can't go wrong by opening one of their books.


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    Trout Bum, and most of Gierach's books are some of the most subversive things you're going to read. After finishing one of his books, I have serious thoughts about quitting my job, loading my stuff in the back of an old pickup truck and heading out to fish (forever) leaving my job and desk just a distant and very bad memory. The other side of the coin is I have a 13 year old son that will have college expenses and a wife that I'm rather fond of. I believe if I chucked my job and went fishing my loving wife would, rightly so, have a few less than positive things to say about the situation.

    However, John's books are very good. I'm about 75 pages into "A good life wasted" right now. It is entertaining so far with a pretty eclectic cast of charactors. I don't think it's as well written as the Gierach books but it is entertaining and a fast read.


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    Default Favorite book

    One of my favorite books is Hunting and Fishing in the Great Smokies by Jim Gasque. It is now out of print, I think , but Jim Casada who was raised in Bryson City had some copies for sale. You might find one at an old book store. While not totally about flyfishing it gives some good insight into the people of the Smokies, especially Mark Cathey, who is known for the dance of the fly. I think you will enjoy this book


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    Default Books

    I went through a period of about twenty years where I read nothing but fishing books. I've read a lot, most of what's been listed. One name I don't see mentioned is Steve Raymond. I don't think the fact that he's kind of my dyslexic name-sake influences me. His books pretty much all have a west coast/steelhead bent, which intrigues me though I've never done it. Year of the Angler and Year of the Trout are a couple of good ones. His Blue Upright is on the shelf, ready to read next.

    I'm another a huge Gierach fan, and like Dave Hughes too.

    The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation, unless they fly fish... with apologies to Thoreau

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    Default Papa Hemingway!!!

    Especially theThe Nick Adams Stories.... "Big Two Hearted River" and others...The whole collection is good.

    Just discovered Harry Middleton...fantastic!

    I look forward to adding to the library with many of the books listed in earlier posts.

    Great Thread!!!!!!!!!!

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    IDIOT'S guide to Fly Fishing........

    laugh if you will but starting from scratch with no internet or no one to teach you and you do what you have to.

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