One of the pirmary reasons I hunger of another day on the river are the daily fishing reports that Byron posts. You can go to any of the Big Box sporting goods companies and never find a friendly message from the fishing department manager that reminds you of the last time you were in the woods or releasing a big brown for the next guy to catch. But I can count on going to the Little River Outfitters daily river report or go to the message board and get pumped for the next trip.

I think I also have a clue as to why some of the outfitters are going out of business. I don't think it is entirely due to the Big Box competition, I think it is there unwillingness to reach out to us dedicated fishermen in the same way the Byron reaches out on a daily basis. I am from Ohio and perhaps the most popular fly fishing shop in Ohio is Mad River Outfitters in Columbus. They have a fishing report link, but they haven't had a current posting since 12 January. Yes, it has been cold, the rains have made the river go up about the banks several times, but not reports. With such bad fishing conditions, you would think the folks at Mad River would have more than enough time to post some information that could make us long for the next fishing trip or trip to the store and replenish our supplies.

I want to say thanks to Bryon for his daily efforts and keeping me looking forward to the next fishing trip or hike in the woods.