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    Hey folks,

    This isn't about fishing equipment, but it is fishing related. The time has come to replace my 20 year old Kelty with something a little better (smaller and lighter). I would like to get a spacious 2-man tent in the 5 lb. range. I have a couple of front runners in mind. But, was just wandering if anybody out there has a favorite that they would recommend. Thanks for any input. I consider my tent a vital part of a succesful backcountry trip.


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    I definitely agree that a tent is a very important part of the trip, especially considering you have to lug it back in the woods with you. I have a big agnes emerald mountain sl2 and i really like it. It takes about 5 minutes to put up and weighs in at 4lbs 3oz. I am pretty sure that you can buy carbon fiber poles for it to make it even lighter if you want. I used this trips on my backcountry trips last year and it did well and i couldn't ask for anything better. I heard good stuff about big agnes products and researched them and found that they had won all sorts of rewards for their tents, namely the emerald mountain series. If i'm not mistaked, mountain hardware also seemed to be pretty good.

    If you get a chance, pick up the latest issue of backpacker magazine as it talks about this year's gear guide and goes over tents as well as every other major category in backpacking. It's a very informative magazine and goes over tons of tents and other things.


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    I personally use a Sierra Designs Antares in the "fastpacking" mode when going backcountry fishing with a buddy...
    check it out here:

    It is a little on the heavy side, but it is large enough for two big men plus gear. See a pix of mine in use here: (on the left side)

    If you dont need the extra space of a 3 man tent, this tent could work: 2.7lbs in the "fastpack" mode...

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    Checkout the HubbaHubba from MSR, it isn't a 4 season tent though.


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    Check out

    I have seen the big agnes tents on there for really cheap. You have to watch the site for it to come up so its a hit or miss thing. I have two options a Marmot 3 season tent that I forgot which model and my Hennessy Hammock with I think gives me the best night sleep possible.

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    I'll second the Big Agnes tents. They make a great product and really know how to save weight efficiently...
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    Default Rei

    Check out the REI Tents. I have used them exclusively for the past 10 years, and I highly recommend them.

    As stated before, check out Bacpacker magazine for their annual issue where they evaluate tents and other gear. They do a pretty good job of rating equipment.
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