Well, I took two people fishing up on the little river on saturday, and the fishing was TUFF. We started about 9 am at Elkmont and managed to pull one little bow out of the swimming hole up. Well I call it the swimming hole, its above the campground, and theres always people swimming there in the summer... Around noon we went down below Elkmont by a mile or so, and didn't even get a nibble. Now the folks I took had never fly fished before, but they really took to it like naturals. They had great drifts and in just a little while were able to move up the stream and fish the decent looking water without me having to point it out to them.

Has anyone else found that the Little River is more succeptable to being "hot and cold" than the other rivers in the smokey's? It seems one can always find some fish up at Greenbriar, or on the West Prong of the Pigeon. However, there are some days when the Little River (referring to the East Prong) just seems to be completely off. I may be crazy, but thats just how it seems to me..