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Thread: Black Caddis Help

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    Default Black Caddis Help

    I am in need of a good black caddis recipe for the Smokey Mt. area. Please list hook size.


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    Honestly I don't think they are all that important to imitate exactly. Any number of small dark wet flies will work OK. I do see a lot tied like small EHC with black deer hair, but I think something more like an emerger type fly works better because of the behavior of the natural. Take a look at this link with some good info on these little black caddis and a couple of good imitations.

    This is a good imitation as well. It uses CDC and floats lower than an EHC, I also think you should skidder as well as dead drift it to imitate the natural.
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    The black cdc caddis looks good. Thanks, for the help.


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