I went by the Abrams creek campground around noon today. I didn't get very much fishing in for very long as I had a four year old and a two year old in tow. The stream was clear and cold, water temperature was 43 degrees just before noon (as taken by my new Fishpond thermometer that I picked up at LRO last weekend), just a little above the air temperature (as taken by the dash of the minivan). I only made it about 200 yards past the campground and then the little girl had to go to the bathroom, the boy decided to wade into the cold water in his sneakers, and they both needed lunch. I saw some very small gray colored midges (or something similar) so I fished a very small adams and saw nothing but water.
By the way, the toilets in the campground are locked. And when they factor into your potty plan, leaving toilet paper in the car (although only a short walk away, and depsite the fact that you checked just minutes before) is sometimes not thinking far enough ahead of a four-year-old's bladder. I was counseled that "little girls don't wipe with leaves, Daddy." Today, little girl, they do.