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Thread: tandem rigs

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    Default tandem rigs

    would like a few suggestions on tandem rigs to use in the Smokies

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    Depends on the time of year I suppose as to what to tie on...then you have dry dropper combos and double nymph rigs, or big streamer with little, streamer with nymph and so on....if no hatch is going I like to run a nymph and emerger rig of what ever bug is expected till dry action then a dry and emerger til its just dry action and then back to a double nymph after the hatch dwindles - that is if I don't fool with spinners and drowners and so on...which I usually won't..
    in the park though a good start is a either an adams dry or elk hair dry with pheasat tail dropper...
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    Default Me Too!

    I read Jon Gierach's piece on fishing with the Babbs in Fly Rod and Reel. I think he said that they fish with a heavily weighted nymph, and then tie a smaller dropper off the leader ABOVE the heavy nymph.

    I have always tied droppers off the hook of my first nymph. Any instructions on how to tie a nymph off of the leader would be greatly appreciated.

    Also any thoughts on particularly effective combinations would be appreciated.



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    Quote Originally Posted by rlockwood View Post
    I think he said that they fish with a heavily weighted nymph, and then tie a smaller dropper off the leader ABOVE the heavy nymph.
    Essentially what happens is that the heavier nymph is tied on first, to the tippet. It will sink your rig to the bottom. Adding tippet to the bend of the hook on this first fly, or leaving your tag end long on the first fly will allow you to tie on a smaller fly that will drift higher in the current, and be your "top" fly. I think the term "dropper" would be easier to understand because people get "top fly" confused with the order in which the flies are tied on. They think "top fly" means the fly tied on first, but that is incorrect.

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    To tie another fly higher on your leader...tie your tippet on with a blood knot and leave a long tag end. Tie your smaller fly to this... I think the in-line method that TN Jed was talking about probably doesn't tangle as much, at least in my limited experience...
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