Thank you for the kind words. We actually have some regular customers in Hawaii. I've never been there but I hear it is a great place to live. We also have some customers in Christmas Island. Shipping to them is complicated but everything we have sent so far goes to Hawaii then flown by a service to them. If I were you I would look into going down there to fish for bonefish and other great shallow water species. They say it is unbelievable. When they moved there telephone service was not available. They didn't even have internet service. Now they have both. They are British and I showed them how to tie bonefish flies before they moved there. The conditions for visitors has improved mainly due to their work and others. Christmas Island was used during WWII as a bombing testing area. They are there to oversee cleaning it up. I'm dying to go and they have invited Paula and I there. The bonefish are big and stupid. You should look into this.