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Thread: Effects of heavy stocking on native fish

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    I can see most people agree that warm water fish arent going to be found in a cold water habitat and vice versu. If you notice, as you move down stream from a coldwater to cool water then warm you find fish species changing. Its not that the introduced trout are out competeting smallmouth or anyother fish populations in tailwaters, its just that habitat regimes for species differ. As for the snail darter, competition among fish was not the problem that was addressed, it was the dam itself. Snail darter young are palagic, high releases mean that the fry are washed further downstream, reducing young of year within their niche. Im a wildlife and fisheries student myself, and actually today we had a lecture from Ed Scott from TVA who ran stream surveys and is still deeply fascinated with the snail darter. The question of what is the snail darters main predatory fish came up, and it actually wasn't a game fish at all, he belives its sculpin, theres also a problem associated with (star grass?). It blankets the substrate, becoming to dense for proper habitat.
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    Hey Russell....give me a call at 705-3237..i have a pond I want your advice on. I tried you at work but you are not in.


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    I am no expert by any means but Chilhowee, Calderwood, and Cheoha I have fished many, many times over. For starters Chilhowee is one of the finest lakes around in my book for about all the species. I have caught every species of trout in this lake (including lakers) with every possible combination of lure. Bows and lakers are stocked in this lake. If you spend much time on the upper end of the lake you will know that once they "kick" the water on the bass fishing fades off for the first hour in the extreme upper parts or until they get acclimated to the change. Farther down the lake you can watch the smallies and large mouth stack up on the cold water line. They use the temperature difference in the summer as a wall. They push the shad to it and they do not want to cross into it and therefore become easy pickings for every species. I have caught trout, large mouth and smallmouth off the same school of shad all feeding together. I have caught bluegill and trout feeding on emerging mayflys under the trees. I also know that a 10 # large mouth will gobble up a 7 inch bow. LOL!! If only I hadn't had 4# test on. On another note, I have caught trout below the wier dam in Walland myself and have caught them all the way down to Maryville Water Plant on 411 in the coldest parts of winter. Oh and it's spelled Ellejoy Creek. I live off of it way on up the "hollar".

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