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Thread: Sat. Tying demo's

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    Question Sat. Tying demo's

    For all of us who request the video's on the Sat. Tying demo's. I know I would be more than willing to shell out a few bucks for a CD with the video's burned on it. They definetly wouldn't need to be edited as they could be easliy skimmed through for the content that is needed. I don't know how much time would be required to burn the CD's, but it could be done as ordered. You could even put a week or so lead time on shipping since you wouldn't keep any stocked and that would give you time to get them ready.
    Just a thought. I know that there is more to it than I have posted above, but it popped into my head while reading another post.
    Any thoughts from other members who know more about computers and the whole video process?

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    A CD, or DVD, of the fly tying demos, priced under $10, would be one of those purchases I would make when I come into the shop for something else, and end up leaving with a "few little extras".
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