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Thread: Strip built fly rods on the lathe

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    Default Strip built fly rods on the lathe

    I came across a book on the web call "Making strip built flyrods from various woods on the lathe by john betts". These things are supposed to cast great and take a fraction of the time to make compared to bamboo, but have a similar old world feel. I've been wanting to expand on my ff hobies and am thinking about giving it a shot. Have any of you made a wooden rod or cast/fished one. Just a bit curious.

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    I've never heard of this method, but it sounds very interesting. Keep us informed if you decide to go through with it.

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    Default Wooden rods

    Reminds me of my dad's catfish "rod" when I was a kid, made from a pool cue, with guides and a reel seat added. No kidding.

    I may need to go see if it's still at his house. It's at least worth a photo.

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    I know of someone who made one of a regular garden variety tomato stake and it looked nice. It supposedly casted well.
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    There is a short article in the Spring issue of Flyfishing Tying Journal on this subject. It also list the book by Betts.
    Lets us know if how it goes if you decide to built one.

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