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    Default photography books

    I need some help. Does anyone recomend a beginners guide to photography book? I've thought about getting one of those "Photography for Dumbies" books, but want somebodies recomendation if they have it. As of now, I have a pretty nice camera, but have no real idea on how to use it. I mainly just put it on auto if I may or maynot need a flash. If I'm outdoors and know that I don't want a flash, I put the dial on the running man. I take alot of pictures, so I do end up with some good ones on occassion. But, I think a book of some sorts would reduce my learning curve.
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    Real World Digital Photography is a really good one.

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    Default Thanks

    I checked it out on Amazon and it looks to be just what I wanted. Thanks
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    Default John Shaw

    I own quite a few photography books, and John Shaw's Nature Photography Field Guide is the best. He has some others, which I've also bought. He is both a great author and fantastic photographer.

    This book is from 2000, and doesn't really talk much about digital photography. Most everything he writes about is still relevant. The camera you use is much less important than how you use it.

    Funny, I've heard that said about other things.

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