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    Okay, first, I know this is a general fishing question and not just related to the Smokies but I didn't see a "Techniques" forum so I put it out here. I am looking for informaion on fishing (and I guess tying) emerger patterns. What to look for (ie I've heard that if during the take the fish "porpoises" (I can't spell!) then they are likely taking emergers. What are some good presentations when they are taking these? I know the fly depends of what is emerging (BWO, Caddis, etc). Are there some good stand by emerger patterns to have in the box? Thanks in advance for any advice.
    Greg Wagner
    Briar Patch Shooting, Angling, and Liar's Club

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    Default Fishing Emergers

    Good evening Greg,
    I hesitated to post because I prefer to give others a chance to respond and then I can learn something as well.
    There are two distinct ways that you can fish emergers in the Smokies as well as Tailwaters. You can drop an emerger pattern about 18-24in. behind(underneath) a dryfly, and it is a good idea to have a couple of wraps of small wire to get it just under the surface film. Klinkhammer style flies work as well. The bottom part of the fly has gone below the surface film and your top part is floating on top as an indicator. Caddis Emergers are real good for this as well as a Mayfly pattern with a loopwinged CDC feather for an opening shuck. Softhackles work great as well. Two great Softhackle patterns to use as emergers are a Soft hackle Hares Ear with a CDC feather tied in as an opening wingcase or a Partride and Yellow Softhackle.
    The other way is to drop an emerger about 12-14 inches below a heavily weighted nymph and fish deep, especially at the early part of the season. The Starling and Herl is a great fly to drop below a Gold-Ribbed Hares Ear Nymph. There are lots of other combinations. Small Grey Midges work well also. You need to get in on the Flytying classes that LRO offers when you can and look at the Flytying page also.
    Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.

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