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Old 06-25-2008, 04:51 PM
irfishing irfishing is offline
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Post TU Plate Update 6-25-08

Just received this update from Dr Davis and am passing it along for those interested.

TU Plate goes into overtime…

The TU plate has gone into overtime! Good news is we’ve gotten an extension for the plate deadline beyond June 30, 2008. I asked for another bill in the legislature to be considered for an extension granting Trout Unlimited additional time to complete the 1,000 presold plates. My request was warmly received and cosponsored by Senator Doug Jackson and House Representative John C. Tidwell. It passed both the house and senate successfully. The bill became law on June 21, 2008 granting Trout Unlimited a time extension beyond our deadline to reach 1,000 TU plates presold. Our personal thanks go to these conservation minded legislators who deemed Trout Unlimited worthy of recognition to be granted a state specialty license plate.

We are currently at 850 plates with 150 left to presell before we can submit the 1,000 names of those who’ve believed in the TU plate and the benefits to fishery conservation in Tennessee. TU thanks you for your support and urges you to convince others about the necessity to purchase the plate so we can reach our goal. When we reach 900 plates, we will countdown to the required 1,000 presold plates moving the plate into production as soon as possible.

Why haven’t we been able to sell 1,000 by our initial deadline of June 30, 2008? The answer is simple. Some individuals have waited to order the plate expressing concern we would not meet our goal. If you’ve been waiting to see whether the plate will succeed, it will! This is your opportunity to go ahead and order your plate now before the first coveted 1,000 plates are ordered.

Once the last order for the 1000th plate comes in, we’ll immediately forward our list of individuals and funds to the Department of Safety. Estimated time is 4-6 months before plates will be available in your local county clerks’ office. Updates on the status of the plate will continue until released.

I for one am looking forward to putting the plate on my car. I know you’ll take pride to display the plate on your car supporting Trout Unlimited in Tennessee!

Dr. Dick Davis, President, Cumberland Chapter of Trout Unlimited
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Old 06-25-2008, 06:17 PM
Byron Begley Byron Begley is offline
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Thanks for posting this great news.

Good Job Dick,

I got your e-mail today. You have done a fantastic job on this and thank you for making my day with your great news.

Paula and I can't wait to get our plates. We are considering buying one for each of our two dogs and one for our cat.

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