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Old 04-19-2012, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by BigMax View Post

Those are some nice smallies.....what kind of line and leaders are u using with that BVK.... I just got some furled leaders im excited to try.


I have never really targetd smallies before what are some good access points on the french broad or little pigeon? if ypu dont, mind me asking...feel free to email me if u would rather not post mtrent11@gmail.com
I tie my own bass leaders. Randy Ratliff (Smallmouth and trout guide) turned me on to just using a basic leader for turning over the poppers and heavier flies. much cheaper to tie your own if you fish a lot of streamers and or large flies. I use the Orvis AR tippet for the butt and mid section 36" of 40lb, 24" of 20lb, and 36-40" of orvis SS 1x. I also like using maxima tippet in the Ultragreen. hard to find around here so I have to order it online. I like the furled leaders for durability but hate to have to use musclin dressing to keep them floating. It turns to mush in the can when in hot weather.

As far as access points, I wont post them online but the river runs by the road and there are plenty of store parking lots and a parking area on the river at the greenway. The river is shallow enough to wade up and down.

Yes, That is a headlamp flashlight on my head! A very important piece of equipment for those that fish daylight to dark. very helpful for retying on flies and tippet sections in low light and also I have a tendency to fish till dark (or just after) if the fish are biting, and walking out on a trail or through the weeds, I have taken a few headers into the muck from tripping over a root or stepped in a hole. My wife of 22years knows that when I'm out like this, not to expect me till sometimes 10pm! Remember, smallmouth like big brown trout are predators, and low light conditions in the morn and evenings are good times to fish for them. Smallmouth dont like the bright sun but will feed shallow when cloudy or late evenings.
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