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Old 09-13-2012, 05:12 PM
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Default An hour on the Clinch- Tuesday Sunrise

Well I finally caught a break between my work schedule and the super-busy generation schedule, and I woke up early to hit the Clinch Tuesday Morning. I was the third car in the Miller's parking lot, so I got pretty excited. I've never seen the Clinch so vacant, I guess because the generators were supposed to kick on at 9.

Anyway, I waded down to one of the better spots that I normally hit.

I started using a BHPT under an indicator. 10-15 minutes in, and I had missed one or two strikes. Digging around in my box, I realized I didn't have my midge patterns. I only had a couple of Princes and Tellico patterns. Although I've never fished a dry at Sunrise, I figured there was nothing to lose.

Caught this little guy after only a couple of casts. I knew I was on to something. Another two or three casts later, I hooked up with a little bigger rainbow and brought him in. I tried to take a picture, when...

OOPS. Not only did the fish get away undocumented, I dropped my phone in the water.

A quick trip to walmart for a bag of rice and freezer bags, and 48 hours later, my phone is working again. In celebration, I thought I would share my little excursion that got cut short.

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