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Old 12-16-2012, 02:39 AM
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Default Wilmington, NY

Out of all the numerous fishing excursions I had this year, getting back up to where I call home and doing some fall flyfishing, had to be about as good as it got... With the chance for snow, sometimes even before Halloween, you definitely need to take advantage of any nice warm weather in September/October and are obligated to go hit the river.

Unfortunately, my trip didn't start off too well and if it wasn't for a VERY helpful fly shop, I would not have had the trip that I did...
Scenario: 8:30am on a beautiful, crisp, Adirondack morning and I am just getting dressed/rigged up after taking a few minutes to watch the trout already starting to rise... In blows a car out of nowhere with Jersey plates and this guy hops out, pulls a rod out of the trunk, lights a smoke and starts fishing my hole... After standing right next to him for a few minutes and not even being acknowledged, I gave up and moved down river. Of course, trying to enter the river in an unfamiliar spot, I slipped on some mud and of all things an old railroad tie catches my waders and rips a nice big hole in my Simms...

Long story short but I found a little local fly shop and after hearing my story, they were willing to let me use a rental pair for free and called their rep who overnighted a pair of G3 Guide waders for me... I was kinda looking for a reason to upgrade so in the end I guess it worked out for the best...

Back out on the river again...
So, back out fishing and having a grand ole time, lobbing streamers for some chunky browns, in my ultra comfortable new waders, on a beautiful, sunny, fall afternoon. Life is good...!!!

Scenario: I come upon a shady, deep, pocket with an undercut boulder and I thought, 'has to be a brownie down in there' drift, drift, drift, BUMP!! I knew someone would be home!! drift, drift, drift, SLAM!! Ohh yeah.. it was a solid fish!! Well, much to my surprise, hanging out in big ole brown trout territory, is this beautiful 17" rainbow that I bring to the net..?!? Here I was without my camera and my cell phone decides to die all before I could get a picture!!! I decided to call it an afternoon and still glowing from that fish, I headed for some lunch. Swinging by the fly shop, they were all intent on hearing about the big bow but sorry that they weren't able to see it. I said, 'maybe I will have to go back out there tomorrow with my camera and catch him again.' Everyone laughs, 'wouldn't that be something??'
Next day: fishing, fishing, brown, brown, fishing, why look...?? It's that nice shady little pocket... so do I try it again?? drift, drift, drift, BUMP!! At this point I really did get quite excited to say the least... drift, drift, drift, SLAM!! and just like that, I was hooked up with not only another fish but the exact same fish that I had caught the previous day!! brought to the net and taped, was EXACTLY the same. I happily shot several quick pics and couldn't wait to get back to the fly shop...

Long story short, they couldn't believe it when I told them the story and showed them the photos. So, the co-owner of the shop, who is out fishing in MT btw... calls back and said 'who did you get to buy the fancy expensive Simms waders??' She answers back 'a guy who really knows what the f*** he's doing.' I'm sorry but that did kinda made my day, so I wanted to share...

Well, enough talk and on to the fish!!!

A nice day to be on the water...

Some nice local brownies...

To be continued...
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