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Old 03-24-2013, 01:18 PM
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Default They are back - Dry Land Fish!!

Spent the morning searching for these guys with my oldest son Tyler. Felt it might be just too early but was surprised to find so many.

I have found them as early as 15 March and this weather has put a slow start to the morel season this year.

If anyone else is having luck please post.

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Old 03-25-2013, 07:45 AM
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I saw a few and casted at them for what seemed like an hour, just couldn't get one to bite

I bet you used one of those Walter Babb flies to hook em'

Nice Find
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Old 03-28-2013, 08:38 PM
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Are you finding those things in your neighborhood or what? Last year I found tons in the mountains, really hoping to find some closer to my house this year. I have started looking in the small patches of woods near my house but I have had no luck thus far... Do you find them other places than in the mid to higher elevations?
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Old 04-02-2013, 09:28 AM
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morel? truffles? What are these delicious fungi?
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Old 04-02-2013, 11:57 AM
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Was in the woods turkey hunting last weekend, and completely forgot to look for morels... Have to try this weekend.

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Old 04-02-2013, 09:59 PM
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Default Where I find them

Sorry for the late reply. The pictures below are the second of my finds this year. Found at least thirty medium sized grey morels in the same area as the first pictures but a week later.

The morel season appears to have a future of being a better than most this year for sure because of the rain fall and cooler temps.

Tulip poplar, sycamore and old cedar trees adjacent low pastures or fields have proven to produce best for me from Cleveland, Tn. to Madsionville, Tn..

Washouts or gullies that have the above trees near are excellent prospects. The foliage from these trees builds up and creates an excellent environment for mother nature to create yet another miracle.

I have found after cleaning, dipping in egg yolk mixed with milk and rolling in crushed saltine cracker crumbs then fried golden brown in butter will give most a yearning that will last till the next season.

Old Man of the Woods keeping a watchful eye!!

Having done this since 7 or 8 yrs. old I can describe it as an adults easter egg hunt. If you can get the family involved.......all the better.

Thank you,

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Old 04-08-2013, 08:25 AM
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Breck, we did some morel and ramp hunting this weekend at around 3,000 ft in western north carolina. Only found 2 morels where we normally find 30-40, and the ramps were still very small. I believe we are still a couple of weeks away from prime harvest time.
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Old 04-08-2013, 08:17 PM
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Smile Granny - Found 50 small to medium in size.

The season has been very slow in a good way by not being so hot and without moisture. I usually find more than I can eat in this particular area and have, for at least 13 yrs. I'm amazed that after visiting the exact same area in 2 -3 days time something that wasn't there, now appears. MAGICAL!!!

This photo shows my son and 4 - 5 together. Found these on Sunday early morning. I am sure that Wednesday thru Sunday will be full of Yellows.

All of these appeared in a matter of 72 hrs. after I had just searched the area.

Flew my 75 yr. old father in and took these along with my boys out to my sisters farm and fried them up proper for him. Its been 30+ years since hes had them and all this coming full circle since I first hunted them with him at age 8 made for a great day.

Granny please post your success.

Life Is Good!!!

Thank You,

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