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Old 04-23-2013, 03:15 PM
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Default The Duke Energy Riparian Enhancement Fund Hiwassee and Little Tennessee watersheds

Though I am not in the area there I get put on these different networking accounts regarding stream restoration/training opportunities. This came accross today and thought some of you may know of some opportunities, or if there is a TU chapter nearby that may be able to take advantage of this, someone here could get it to the right people. I suspect the local chapters already know, but just in case:

"Greetings! The Duke Energy Riparian Enhancement Fund Advisory Board requests proposals that enhance or protect riparian habitat and/or educate citizens about the importance of riparian habitat. The geographic scope of this proposal includes portions of the Hiwassee and Little Tennessee watersheds. Proposals may be submitted by universities, non-profit organizations, state, federal or Tribal agencies, individuals, or corporations. Fund requests should not exceed $20,000.

Please see the attached Request for Proposals for more details. The application is also attached and is available in Word or pdf. Proposals are due May 24, 2013."

(If interested, I could frwd the forms that were attached to my email)

Some more from the attached pdf.

Duke Energy Riparian Habitat Enhancement Fund Request for Proposals
Duke Energy announces the availability of grant funds from its Riparian Enhancement Fund and
requests proposals that enhance or protect riparian habitat and/or educate citizens about the
importance of riparian habitat. The geographic scope of this proposal includes the Hiwassee,
Nantahala, Oconaluftee, Tuckasegee, and Little Tennessee River valleys on lands that drain to
any of the Duke Power-Nantahala Area (DPNA) hydro projects (“focal watersheds” in the
attached map). In addition, it includes the mainstem riparian areas between the DPNA hydro
projects and reservoirs belonging to the Tennessee Valley Authority (“focal downstream
mainstem riparian areas” in the attached map).
Proposals for funding may be submitted by universities, non-profit organizations, state, federal,
or Tribal agencies, or individuals or corporations. Proposals should focus on activities that (1)
(1) protect or enhance fish or wildlife habitat directly, or (2) educate landowners or school
children about the importance of healthy riparian areas for fish and wildlife habitat.
Project duration should not exceed 3 years. Fund requests should not exceed $20,000, and
projects with a strong match are encouraged. Match for non-professional volunteer time should
not exceed the current national rate (www.independentsector.org). Applicants may include
necessary administrative costs.
Projects will be ranked based on the criteria in the table below. Proposals should address each
ranking criterion that is applicable to the project.
Ranking Criteria Points
1. Have a long term impact 20
2. Provide direct benefits to riparian resources 10
3. Show measurable results 10
4. Demonstrate co-funding (leveraging) from other funds, volunteer, or inkind
resources, thus indicating broad support for the proposed project 20
5. Implement creative approaches 10
6. Have a demonstration element or adapt proven models 10
7. Coordinate and cooperate with existing efforts (i.e. are part of a larger
scheme of riparian protection and restoration, or connect existing
protected riparian habitat)
8. Increase awareness of how varied activities affect the overall river basin 10
Project score will be one consideration in the final recommendation for funding. Other
considerations include the total amount requested and the geographic area of the project.
Submit completed applications in electronic form to Andrea Leslie at andrea.leslie@ncdenr.gov

by May 24, 2013.
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