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Old 05-11-2013, 08:23 PM
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Talking Trout for Thomas

Yesterday was a great day to be fishing in the mountains. Just as I walked in the door my son Thomas was very cross with me for not bringing him home a fish. Talk about a buzz kill to my "Smoky Mountain High"

He has been after me the last few times I've gone fishing, and while yesterday I had forgotten the zip loc bag, to him it didn't matter, he just wanted his fish to eat.

Well this morning it turned out the rain wasn't a wash out, the wife said I could be free to play again, and as a good parent should do, I made a plan to go back to the mountains and get Thomas his fish

After texting my plans to Freddie he gave me a call and decided to join me. Yesterday a screw fell off my reel that hold on the plastic crank so we stopped at LRO to see if they had a screw, and if not send it to Orvis to be fixed. As I walked in the door I told them I had a screw loose. They said that was obvious enough, but didn't think they could help me with that (I'm guessing only Paula is qualified to administer therapy)

While Daniel did rumage though their misc stuff, he was unable to find one with right thread pattern, so off in the mail it had to go. As he went to fill out the repair form he commented how he needed to make a photocopy of the repair form with all my info filled out so he wouldn't have to keep filling one out every time I break something I guess 8 repairs in a couple of years is more than most Can't say I don't use my gear.

Well the rain was still spitting as we left LRO, and by the latest look at the radar it seemed it should just last a little while longer than quit. Unfortunately it stayed socked in and seemed to hover a lite rain most of the day. Even though it was raining, it was still beautiful.

After a bit of hiking we made it to our destination. Did a test fish in a lower section before we fully committed in the rain. Did take a couple of minutes before this guy was landed

While the action wasn't hot by any means, it was good enough to head a ways upstream. The fishing was slower then the previous day, but nothing to complain about.

After getting a handful of fish all on the dry, I did the unthinkable. I cut off the dropper and dry fly fished for the rest of the day.

Here's Freddie working a pool below me

Will continue

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