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Old 06-03-2013, 09:03 AM
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Default Southern Trout update

Depending on how nice I am when I ask, there is a good chance that tomorrow I will get the go ahead to announce the release of the June/July issue of Southern Trout Magazine. It’s the first issue of the publication’s second year, which as I best I tell is consistent with the others; later than expected, but nonetheless, healthy and screaming. The galleys look good. I particularly like the Kepart/Rhead story/lay out. Leslie is evolving into a pretty ****ed good designer. We’re getting her an assistant for the August/September issue. That and increasing her whiskey rations.

The August/September issue will be a bit different. In it we will expand to include a “featured” fly tyer, rod builder and The Black Wing Olive Chronicles. The latter is penned by Olive K. Nynne, a Labradorian who lives under our doublewide. She’s a bit new to journalism (if you can call writing about fishing journalism…), having so far only had by lines in Varmint Master and National Inquirer. But hi ho, eh?

The push here is now on to monetize this boondoggle. Most of the ad base we are successfully pursing now is tourism groups and resorts. They seem to like big ads and often have advertising budgets that can be pillaged. We’re taking the show on the road to Las Vegas in a month for the ICAST Show. There we have sit down meetings with potentially big advertisers such as Simms, Sage, Scientific Anglers, and such. Getting our paws into their pockets is going to require some luck and persuasion. If we’re still publishing in December, you will know if we accomplished our mission to Sin Central.

Anywho, as I recently noted to Byron, I do not believe we could have gotten Southern Trout off of the ground without the cornerstone provided by the Little River Outfitters Forum. You folks have not only tolerated my banter, but seem to like going our site to see how many misspelled words you can find before nodding off to sleep. Please know that this publication is something that we really hope you enjoy reading. We still feel like we are on a good path with it and work hard to make it worthy of you taking time to look it over.
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