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Old 07-14-2013, 09:51 PM
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Default Taking what I learned from the experienced guys and applying them to my solo trip.

Since Ducky and I went fishing I've been waiting to have a day off where the water wasn't high. I learned a lot on that little trip. I went to a stream that I was familiar with, with my best day there being 5 fish. That was early last fall.

I caught lots of little brookies with a few in the 7" to 9" range. I caught one that was extremely colorful, but just my luck he bounced out of my hand and shot down the run before I could get a picture.

Anyways here's some of the pictures I did get. Sorry for the quality but I used my phone for the pictures.

Caught 2 fish out of this little run. One at the bottom of the run to the right in the picture and one at the top of the run just next to the stick in the water.

I'm sure someone on here knows what kind of flower this is.

It was the only rhodo that I saw with flowers still on it.

If any new guys are reading this and if you are having trouble catching fish in the park, I highly suggest having someone with more experience go out with you. Last year when I first started, a good day for me was 5 fish. Last fall I hired a guide to fill me in where a lot of my fishing technique was lacking. That was a very good decision. I went out with Ducky a few weekends ago for some small stream fishing. 2 of the big things that learned was position and the other was locations where trout would be sitting in the runs. Thanks to both of you guys for improving my fishing. Huge difference between 5 fish and 30.

With all that said, its fun to catch fish but it's still fun just to get out in stream. Any day I can spend out on the stream instead of sitting around the house is fun no matter how you look at, fish or no fish.
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