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Old 08-01-2013, 05:59 PM
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Smile Bauer Reels: Repair Experience and Follow-up! - Pleased!

Some of you might care or not...but, I like to post unbiased opinions and help others from my experiences.

I was turned on to Bauer Reels about 2 years ago and have fished the Bauer Rogue 2 quite often as my primary reel. It has caught a couple thousand fish and some meaty ones as well. I love the drag system and I think it is a blast getting fish to reel with it.

That being said; I purchased a Bauer Rogue 2 for my brother a month ago and another one for a good friend about 2 weeks ago.

Then, it all goes down hill for me. My Rogue 2 seizes up and I cannot get the spool off. I am disappointed, but, I felt confident that I purchased a quality reel with a supportive warranty. I read the $20 fee on their website and thought I would get my reel fixed for some postage $15 + $20 fee for a total of $35-50 range. I shipped it off priority and waited 2 weeks.

Then, I started sending them emails asking about the reel. One guy answered and said they will get it to me ASAP and maybe before last weekend. Then, I get an email yesterday from another guy and they broke it down and will get it to me after I pay to replace the spindle and bearings with an estimate of around $100. So; I will be out around $115 for this repair. They also asked me what have I been doing with the reel. I guess I should have told them; some oddball answer like plowing my garden with it. I believe a smart@$$ question deserves the same kind of answer.

That being said; I do not let any of my gear impede the way I enjoy fishing. If the Bauer is not meant to get wet; then, that reel is not meant for me...I will just buy a cheaper reel and replace it as often as I would have to pay $100+ to get my Bauer repaired.

Guys, I wanted to share this with you so that you are informed and can guide your decisions with an honest review. The reel is great when it works; but, not worth babysitting.

So; I would research warranty and repair issues for reels before you slap down $500 for a Bauer Rogue 2 and expect it to last you 2 years and pay another $100+ unbeknown with the $20 service fee comfort.
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