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Old 09-14-2006, 03:39 AM
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Default middle prong

Yesterday was my favorite fishing weather, overcast and drizzling . I went up middle prong and found me a nice looking spot. Wasnt hard as there were not many people out. I fished a cpl hours with my reg flies , bushy wolffy type dry with a soft hackle dropper . Hardly any luck for the first cpl hours, switching to several diff soft hackle patterns and also tryed a BHP nymph to get the soft hackle deeper, still not much intrest. I had stopped by LRO a few days ago and got some yellow deerhair and had tied up a few caddis flies with it. Yellow dubbed body and grizzly hackle a size or two bigger than the #16 hooks and i trim the hackle even with the hook point on the bottom side. Tied one of those on and instantly started catching fish!
I was fishing down current so i would do a pile cast right on the edge of the faster water and if i didnt get a take, when the current finally started to drag, it would skate the fly on the swing and finally draw the caddis under. I was getting fish both on the drift, the skate, and even after the fly was sucked under and i fished it like a softhackle. The top water hits where vicious. The last few weeks i had been out they often would swat at a dry and not really be trying to eat it. Much diffrent today. The fish i caught today after the caddis was sucked under, on several, the fly was hooked rather deep in their mouth instead of the normal corner of their mouth. Would be a good idea to mash down the barbs on the hook.Most of the bows were even more collorfull this week than there were a short while back. Was a real blast for sure.
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