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Old 10-05-2006, 10:05 AM
littlerivermike littlerivermike is offline
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Default Don't Ask, Don't Tell????

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

During the past several years we have all observed significant increases in the number of fishermen in the Park. * Certain streams, (or certain sections of streams), have experienced tremendous increases in the number of rods on the water. *These streams are the ones that receive regular (aka constant) write-ups on various web sites and in newsletters. * You know which streams these are.

“Joe and his buddy caught 150 fish, all over 12 inches, before lunch, on the lower prong of the Big ElkTree River.” * Next weekend, and probably for rest of the year, you will see that section of the Big ElkTree packed! * When its not packed, even on water that has been good to you in the past – it’s not so good now. * You never caught 150, but for years you would always get 20 or more, many of them keeping size. * Now you feel lucky if you get half a dozen on the ol’ ElkTree.

I understand that packed rivers are good for commerce. * Shops, guides, hotels, restaurants and gas stations all see a short term benefit from high numbers of fishermen in the Park. *Some even believe that constant high pressure on these streams is good for the fish. * *I don’t doubt that these people want to encourage more people to fish the Park.

My question is this. *What ever happened to time honored tradition that fishermen wouldn’t even tell their mother where the good water was? *In today’s internet world, regular write-ups on how good the fishing is on the lower prong of the Big ElkTree River will get that water slammed!! * Maybe that’s OK. *
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