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Old 12-06-2006, 08:46 AM
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Default Re: Congratulations to Members


I'll PM your ticket to you right now. *I may go with you. *I need a new 9 wt. *Could you guys sell me one?


hhehehehe, you maybe able to get a better price on the hill

Byron totally forgot about parole issues, Grumpy. *We changed the ticket. *He and I are going...will send postcards! *

Seriously, though. *We could not do this without all of you! *Thanks so much - and be looking forward to a special surprise!


I've got that covered Paula, i put the ankle braclet on the Border Collie, why just the other day they called & commented on my rigorous workout program 8-)
Congrats on the site, the store & ya'll to, it takes good folk to make a good business.

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Old 12-07-2006, 02:24 AM
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Default Re: Congratulations to Members

Hey IJ,

Speaking of distance to trout from s. Louisiana, there are a couple of other places that are equidistant to you. *Mtn Home AR is prabably about 9 hrs from you, and last week in Shreveport I found out about a place called Broken Bow Oklahoma. *Apparently its about two hrs from SPort... *Anyone know of BBow? *Mtn Home of course is the White River, *never fished it but my wife has. *She says the trout there are pretty stupid. *But your next trip up to e Tennessee don't forget the tailwaters for a change of pace. *I've caught some monsters on both fly and commie tackle - largest brown went a shade under 8 pounds on a size 2 wooly bugger when the generators were on & I was throwing to the banks on the clinch.

South Louisiana native, University of Tennessee grad...<br /><br />Allons Du Volunteers! (Lets Geaux Vols!)
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Old 12-07-2006, 03:07 AM
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Default Re: Congratulations to Members

I've spent a bunch of time in Broken Bow, back when I was in the Air Force and stationed in OKC...we would go camping down there all the time. Back then (early 90's), it was primarily stocker 'bows of average size, and it was pretty easy to catch them. Right about then, they started a trophy Brown Trout program, and I hear that now they're getting some real quality fish out of there. I didn't fly-fish for them then - it was salmon eggs and spinning rods then.

I wouldn't mind trying the tailwaters some, but most of the time, I have my kids in tow, and that big water is a bit much for them...plus, there's somethng about stalking trout in these small streams...I don't know, maybe I like confined spaces. I know that when it comes to fishing here in Louisiana, if I have a choice between fishing "outside" for specks or going to the interior marsh for reds, I'll choose the latter every time.
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Old 12-07-2006, 10:18 AM
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Default Re: Congratulations to Members


You always say "thanks for making our flyshop your flyshop." We really want to thank you and Paula for making Your fly shop Our fly shop!!! You do this in a number of ways from the extremely friendly and helpful service to the cow standing factor on the fishing report. We all say THANKS!!!

All those who believe in Telekinesis, please raise my hand.

50.67% of all statistics are made up.
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