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Old 02-26-2007, 09:47 AM
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Default First Spring Trip

Well, from reading some reports on the Smokies it seems like yall didnt have nearly what I had here in SW VA on Saturday.

Woke up about 7. Got a shower and took the dogs for a walk. It was really warm at the house -but it can be alot different between the mountains. I decided, this being the first trip of the spring and all, I would pack my lunch and make a whole day out of it. So some trail mix, an apple, and a good sandwich. Pour some tea into my Nalgene bottle and we're ready to go.

Got my waders out of the (unused) bathroom shower. Then I headed to the garage. Grabbed my boot bag, wading belt stays in the car all the time, I made sure I had Molly's leash and collar. Got everything, good.

I had forgotten how comfortable my waders are and how uncomfortable my boots are (compared to flip-flops and hiking boots.) But what's a little pain on the stream- Ill live in them for the next 3months.

We get to where we're going and ITS WARM. Almost hot. A long sleeve tee and a fishing shirt will do. I uncase my rod, sting it up, and put on my chestpack.

Im carrying 7 patterns--but as it would turn out I would only need 1.

I fish down into the special reg area. (Flyfishing only) Hey look these a guy and girl w/ a tub of worms..gee wonder why I only get checked for licenses. On my way back out I hit a pool that doesnt get touched often. I say, 1 cast=1 trout. A 12in wild brown trout! A few more casts and a few more trout. A small (3in) rnbow- I like to see em, means we got a new generation coming up and A 8in bow were the only two that stick out in my mind. About 6fish in all.

There were bugs flyin. Lots of bugs, but no rises-maybe next week. So all those midges and small dries and all I needed was a hares ear size 12. Wow.

So I head out and take lunch stream side. Molly even fell asleep under a tree.

Felt good gettin back out...I may have even gotten a little bit of a sunburn on my cheeks.

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