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Old 07-16-2007, 10:43 AM
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Thanks, I'll try to do that. We're going to come back out the 2nd week of
August. I know it's not going to be great fishing then but my daughter put up with me fishing 4 days back in April so now it's her turn to have fun. We're
staying with a relative for 2 days in Maryville then we're going to finish the week out at the twin islands in G-burg. I may plan an October trip but I know
my next week off after August will be Thanksgiving week.
I know nothing about that type fishing but I'm certainly ready to learn. The smallmouth here seldom go as far downriver as the lake. I usually do well with them in August and September along the rapids and rocks up on the river. I
got some foam crawfish patterns the other day in brown and yellow, I hope they do well. Also got a baby Bream streamer and a few large nymphs in 4 and 6 with gold bead heads. Looking forward to trying them.
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Old 07-16-2007, 11:37 AM
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Default a couple more shots

Speaking of new rods, I picked up my first glass rod the other day. A 6ft. 5wt diamondglass. A med. action fiberglass that when mated with a Rio clouser line is extremely accurate when casting in the 40ft and under range with overhanging tree limbs. I've never fished a rod this short before, but it feels great and it turns over poppers and streamers very well even from a sitting position. I like the feel of these glass rods, they don't feel stiff like some of the high mod. rods. This one has a cigar grip and single sliding band reel seat.

another colorful redbreast on a black gurgler.

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Old 07-16-2007, 10:40 PM
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Default Abrams Outflow into Chilhowee

Tried that same float about a month ago. We put in at the bridge and paddled up. Saw some smallmouth but had no luck to speak of, one fish may have been 10", on a popper. We did see some schoolers busting schools of tiny minnows, but they would not hit our offerings. We paddled to the mouth of Abrams as well and found it low, saw a few nice smallies up there, just no luck enticing them. The sunnies were gorgeous though. We paddled up Panther as well, found it to be very low. Can't imagine how low it must be now. Let's try to get together one evening next week, our little guy will be back at his grandparents.
Tight lines,
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Old 07-19-2007, 01:31 PM
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Default fishing again this Saturday afternoon

John S, I've lost your #. Give me a call or email. I have a TU acid depo sampling this saturday morning(Abrams), but want to fish that afternoon. Going to be around?
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