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Old 09-25-2007, 02:17 PM
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Default fiberglass and more

have noticed several threads concerning fiberglass rods---i like fiberglas rods--scott has a nice one,mcfarland and southfork rod co. have nicer ones--they are all made in the usa--they cast really well---the mcfarlands and redington South Forks are colored to look like bamboo so that at a distance other fishing folks will think you have a bamboo rod---so what's the message?---Go ahead and buy a good bamboo rod,you won't regret it---cane rods appreciate if built by competent rod builders----like i said,,,i like fiberglass rods,they are great fun to fish,but fishing graphite or fiberglass is kind of like kissing your sister--there's not much of a thrill in it-------Quote from jh on showing me the new japanese motorcycle he just bought------this baby runs great and it looks just like a harley--a month later--on trading for a new harley---never could get used to that other bike cause it was not a harley..
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