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Old 10-30-2007, 09:41 PM
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Default Great year with no fish

OK I have caught a few, but far less than average. But when I watched my son learning the ends and out of fishing for wild trout, I see how much I have learned this year. We would stand at the head of a run and I would let him determine the best route to fish it. He would do a great job sneaking to the run then stick his rod out over the run and get busted everytime. Or he would make a good cast then let his fly line hit the water before the fly BUSTED again. He would sneak in then stand up and cast BUSTED AGAIN. I have had several takes this year, but most times I had way to much slack in the line and would miss the hook set. It is something that I need to learn to control better. But looking back 5 years ago I know I looked Just like my son. I took one year to catch my first wild trout. I caught several nice fish on the Caney Fork, But swinging a wooly bugger in the current is alot differant than dropping a dry exactly in the right part of a GSMNP stream. All the advice I have learned on this board has made a big differance and I know I could hire a guide and learn more in one day than I have learned the past 5 years. But I enjoy the learning process. Its not a pride thing but the experence that learning on your own builds.
No I didn't catch many fish this year, but when I was on one of the tight streams and I made a perfect side arm cast 20' under some Mt Laural branches, I see how far I have come. If the fishing was good I don't think that I would have tried several of the new things. I now fish every riffel and small pool. I tend to cast across to far water. My line control has improved drasticly.
Sorry about being long winded but this year I have learned so much. And can't wait for good fishing conditions again. My advice to beginners is to read this board everyday, get some of Lefty's books on casting. Take a class then get out there enjoy the GSMNP and learn. Don't ever give up.
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Old 10-31-2007, 10:38 AM
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It is a learning process that never stops....my fly fishing is usually limited to a couple of trips a year to the mountains and never have much chance to make those long casts....this summer I was fishing off a dock and needed some extra distance so I taught myself to double haul....old dog can learn new trick....what is the best though is to watch my son progress and learn the ways of the mountains....someone once said you can tell a mountain fisherman because he is always casting sidearmed....
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