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Old 12-25-2007, 12:41 PM
lauxier lauxier is offline
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Default Bamboo aka cane rods--

a few words about a subject dear to me--the bamboo rod
1)there are plenty on ebay--some are cheap--most are not worth having
2)bamboo is heavier and harder to cast than the fast action graphites
3)they can be expensive-get one from Sweetgrass or beaverhead rods or Walter Babb or Bolt-you've invested ina a rod that will increase in value.
4)the very best graphites are like cars-drive one off the lot and its value goes through the floor---they are plastic--
5)bamboo rod makers sign their product--can you imagine that
6)there are aLL sorts of tapers---Powell,Howell,Dickerson,Payne etc--not confusing cause all you have to do is tell'em how want your rod to feel and cast
7)my last cane rod---a 2002--Twin Bridges,boo-boys--Winston---in an estate sale--Price? 800.00--don't tell my wife(Divorce lawyers thick as jack rabbits in the yard--if you know what I mean)7'6" 5 wt---fished but in good shape
W.Babb built me a 4wt that is beautiful---
9)Diamondback made a top cane rod for about 600.00-I think they don't
make them anymore--
10)If you want a used rod,hoping to save money--then go for an Orvis,there are several out there--
11)If you fly fish very long --you will eventually drift to Cane-out of curiosity more than anything else
12)I like fiberglass too---
13)and I like graphite also---It is fast and light(The Helios),easy to cast,and most of all it is like kissing your sister,there isn't much of a charge in it..
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