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Old 01-31-2008, 12:27 PM
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PeteCz is right....do not hear much about Forney on this board or another one from the far side of the mountain....a couple of years ago, after reading Ian's book I became interested in Forney and the idea of walking in to fish it one day....figured it could be no worse than walking up to fish FCP above Elkmont....well, I asked a couple of questions about what type of flies would work, length of time to hike in and what to expect.....received well over a hundred views of the post but not more than one or two generic replies....I have always thought that kind of silence spoke volumes....only peaked my interest some I am still in search of some first hand experience....it would only seem that as with most places in the Park the farther away from the maddening crowd the better the prospects should be.
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Old 02-03-2008, 06:42 PM
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I hiked in from the road to nowhere and fished Forney. The hike takes 1:45 to 2:00 hours if you really hoof it. Forney is medium sized water (alot like Eagle). As with everything it gets smaller as you go up. I would fish 3wt or 4wt max. The trail is more heavily used than you would think. Overall, fishing wasnt as good as I would have hoped but maybe it was just me. As with all GSMNP streams nymphs will outperform dries anytime. The rule I use - if you are not catching fish out of a run you know has fish - your nymph is not deep enough - get the nymph down and you will catch fish. I realize this is not most satisfying technique but it works. I don't think the type of nymph really matters that much. On these streams (Eagle, Forney) you really have to be stealthy to catch these fish if you want to do it with dry flies. I am talking crouching and crawling behind rocks. Once you lift your rod over a fish to cast - it is all over. As for the post that started this thread. I think canoeing to fishing is great - but for my money and effort - if I was going to canoe I would go to Eagle or Hazel not Forney.
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