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Old 03-01-2008, 01:46 AM
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Thumbs up MARCH One fish per month challenge!

Alright folks time to lay the ground rules for this challenge.

Here's the rules:

1) You must submit one photo of your favorite, largest, best, catch every month. Multiple fish can be submitted but submit it in the from of one picture ie; a stringer.

2) You must include the date of the catch and fall within that designated month! However there has to be a deadline in order to make the tallying easier. So you will have till the last day of the month by midnight! That will keep things rolling smothly on the streak tally system! Be honest guys, we know we all have several billion pictures of fish lying around the computer, walls, and anywhere else they can be stashed.

3) You must include the type of tackle used. Considering the nature of this entire forum let's keep it "FLY ONLY". However, we don't want to push the spin fisherman out of this challenge. So I will try to keep things seperated within the tally system. Just make sure to tell us whether your fish was caught on spin gear or on the fly.

4) You must include the tributary or tailwater the fish was caught within. Let's protect the fish in doing so guys. Just give the name of the tributary and not your honey hole including GPS coordinates. Your protecting your honey and protecting the fish by doing so.

5) You can include, a short form report of how the fish was caught ie; techniques. After all, this forum is about learning.

6) You can include any fish within this challenge. Bring what you got. Post it and let us glare at your catch!

7) Let's have fun with it guys!

Here's how the tally system will work. We will use the four participant's from the month of Febuary as an example.

ACinEastTN-1 month streak
mtnman2888-1 month streak
Plateau Angler-1 month streak
Fishermansfly-1 month streak

Were cleaning the slate with this one, and we will start the challenge now for the month of March 2008 and keep it going. Now let's say were 12 month's into this thing and there is only one person who has kept the challenge going. Then lets say that one person didn't catch a fish for his 13 month. We will keep his record atop the tally system for all to see until he/she is surpassed. This will be seperate from the ongoing tally system so that that one person atop the tally system can start all over.

Here's what that will look like:

ACinEastTN-12 month streak
mtnman2888-11 month streak
Plateau Angler-11 month streak
Fishermansfly-9 month streak
ACinEastTN-1 month streak

After another entry from either mtnman or plateau that will put them ahead of AC and he will be removed from the leader of the challenge.

What's the purpose of this you may ask. It's to have fun and see how many hard core fisherman we have on this board! It's all about fun and it's no competition...Even if you don't play along every month, feel free to post your picture! Just remember to include all of the requirments.

Let's get this thing going...Get those flash's glowing!


Last edited by Fishermansfly; 03-01-2008 at 09:11 AM.. Reason: Rule 2 edited for purposes of making tallying easier!
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