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Old 05-04-2008, 01:18 AM
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Default Hog Wild above Elkmont

I fished Saturday afternoon/evening above Elkmont. I was going to fish just a little ways up the trail, but there were a lot of other folks out after the rain, so I wound up hiking up to Cucumber Gap before getting into the stream. Past the first bridge and before the trail intersection I had an encounter that I was not really prepared for. As I was hiking, about 50 yards in front of me a large black Boar galloped out of the brush, across the trail and up the embankment toward Cucumber Gap. I had thought that they were nocturnal and fairly rare, so I never expected to see one in broad daylight scampering across a trail.

On average they grow to about 125lbs, but can reach 300 pounds. The sound that this one made and the size of him made me think he was over 200 pounds. I was too dumbfounded to snap a picture, plus he was motoring pretty quickly. I'm not sure what he was doing there, and I didn't want to stick around and find out.

After hiking a bit more (I wanted to make sure I didn't run into his cousin...), I finally started fishing. I only managed to bring two rainbows to hand, but they were both fat and colorful, and over 8". One came on a Yellow EHC w/ CDC and the other came on the "skunk buster" SMBBSH. The three times that I went to Elkmont this week, I managed to avoid getting skunked each time with the SMBBSH (Thanks Hugh!!)

There is some nice water that probably doesn't see all that many anglers, if you are willing to hike to it up there. There were lots of folks on the trail and in the stream down lower, but once I made up about 2 miles, I didn't see anyone else fishing. I had a few rises to a Yellow EHC and Yellow PA, but not any other hookups. I hope others did better. The evening hatches didn't seem as prolific as Thursday evening, either.

But it was an eventful afternoon and a great day to be on the water (I guess that's a pointless statement...any day out on a stream is a great day...)

"Even a fish wouldn't get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut."
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