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Old 04-26-2008, 08:32 PM
Byron Begley Byron Begley is offline
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I’ve given a lot of thought to what you have said. I think I know where you are coming from. I hope I have not offended you in any way.

I have been in the print advertising business since I was a kid. Somehow by the grace of God I ended up in the fly fishing business. I am a small business person and have been one for 35 years. During my life I have served on many boards and committees of non-profit organizations. I actually served on the National Resource Board of Trout Unlimited, on the board of two Chapters and President of the Little River Chapter for 2 ˝ years. Currently I serve on the marketing committee for a museum, on the board again of our Chamber of Commerce and I just recently I finished a term on Fine Arts Advisory Committee. I served on the board of the Tennessee Conservation League before it changed it’s name and helped start other conservation organizations.

I have never been comfortable in the high places of a non-profit organization except for the Blount Chamber of Commerce. The reason is, they don’t think like I do. Maybe I think too small but that’s what I am and always have been.

Maybe the “Return Address Labels” or the “Calendars” are a waste of money for Trout Unlimited. I am hopeful that they look at their return on investment and say it works instead of “we’ve always done this so let’s keep on doing it.” I don’t know.

What is most important to me is this:

Without TU National there would not be TU Chapters and a lot of good work would not be done.

Without TU Chapters I would not have the group of good friends that I have and enjoy.

As far as spending East of the Mississippi River for trout and habitat restoration as a percentage of the total budget goes I have no idea. I do know for sure that the Little River Chapter has never been turned down for a grant. I wrote the first one 15 years ago and got a check for $10,000. I think we were cut back one year but we usually get what we ask for.

So, I hope you re-new your membership as I have. I also hope you get involved with TU on the grassroots level. Maybe you already are. We are a great organization and we do a lot of good work. You will never be around a nicer bunch of folks.

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Old 05-05-2008, 10:32 PM
Butte Irish Butte Irish is offline
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You are right on. Also having been and still there in the high places as you call them in volunteer organizations, I to believe in th conservation practices of TU. I also believe in the education of the fly fishing community and the FFF does that well. There are no perfect organizations, but most organizations thrive on the volunteer work of the locals. If it were not for "us" giving up a few days of fishing to help Steve Moore in the park do a shocking study in the park or to go to FL and help pull out hurricane damaged Mangroves then the fishery would suffer.

It is important to give back to the sport of Fly Fishing. for if those before us did not do this then we would not be doing it.

Renew tohose memberships and perhaps even get a new one.

Butte Irish
Dave Duffy
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