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Old 06-24-2008, 10:03 AM
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Default Frisco Beach, OBX NC

New plans as of last night to head over and camp at Frisco Beach,NC

Has anyone stayed over there and are there any do's and dont's about that area?
I have a 8wt with a floating line and another spool with sink tip.
Are there any recomendations on flies to have on hand and what species should be around that time of year?

Is there a local fly shop to stop at in the area?
( I am loyal to LRO, but I enjoy looking around at local shops)

Thanks again for the help.
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Old 06-24-2008, 05:55 PM
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I'm at home now, but call me at the shop and I'll look up any fly shops in Black's. They are kind of few and far between over there.

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Old 06-27-2008, 05:08 PM
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I'm not sure of the name "Frisco Bait and Tackle?" but there is a store on the "soundside" of the hwy right across from the National Seashore Campground/ airport entrance. As I remember they did not appear to have much of a selection, were pricey, and the staff seemed more interested in wind surfing than flyfishing. There used to be a flyshop in Nags Head but it is out of business several years ago. I COME WELL STOCKED, EXTRA REELS. LINES / TYING SUPPLIES, ETC. Don't plan on tackle shops carrying fly equipment(:<), I haven't seen much fly equipment in tackle shops from Ocracoke to Killdevil Hills.

I spend a couple weeks in the Oregon Inlet area everyother year. I feel the surf is a waste of time during the summer. I usually bait fish the surf off Pea Island, no beach traffic, fishing has been very poor during summer! I prefer to fish the sound for flounder, Reds, and seatrout. There is a deep hole- called Canada Hole- Haulover Beach area?? on the sound. Better hit it extremely early as it get popular with the windsurfers, swimmers etc. You want to look for trenches along the surf and wade out and cast parallel to them. Used to be some at Frisco Campground but they had filled in last time I was there.

In the sound which, I recommend, you want to look for moving water and deeper holes- trenches-4-6 foot deep. I throw a tan and white (favorite)/ black over red, chartresuse and white clouser, #6-#2 on a 8 wt. sink tip letting it swing in the tidal current during a slow retrieve. I catch a lot of flounder and sea trout on them. Get a stripping basket!! The nature of the bottom location and depth of "holes" changes by the year. Again, I generally fish the Oregon Inlet, Pea Island area and use a kayak to access some areas. There is a lot of info on the net about fishing access and sites on the OBX but a lot if it I've found TO BE DATED. "The only thing permanent about Barrier Islands is that they are NOT permanent".

If interested in info about the Pea Island-Oregon Inlet area north of Frisco, I can give you some access areas to explore. Contact me Rsale@Netburner.net
Randall Sale
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