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Old 09-21-2008, 10:57 PM
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Default Caney Fork 9/21/08

Wow, I'm the happiest I could possibly be.

Let me start off with the best moment of my fly fishing "career"- my new setup. Yesterday Grumpy was kind enough to let me cast with the TFO Pro during my casting lessons at Cumberland Transit. I fell in love, and my dad bought me the rod as an early birthday gift (not 18 yet, close) and put an Orvis BBS III and Orvis fly line on his credit card so I could pay him back when I got my first paycheck at my new job. Ronnie hooked me up with 2 birthday gifts, too! I'll tell you what they were if he gives the okay, but until then, I can't.

We got on the water this morning at a little after 10:00, and fished around under the dam. I didn't know what to fish, so I put on a wooly bugger and didn't catch a thing. Since we were getting ready to begin our float to Happy Hollow, I put on my usual elk hair caddis indicator with a midge under it and decided to flip it out there for the heck of it. By the time we reached the mouth of the river, I caught 2 brookies and 1 rainbow! I didn't think I could catch fish in still water like that. We fished all the way down to where the river bends close to Lancaster, catching fish like crazy.

The water got too deep and I wasn't doing any good, so I put the fly rod aside so I could continue to catch fish. Honestly, how do I catch fish with a fly rod in over 8' of water? I did manage to catch 3 BEAUTIFUL browns, 18" being the largest and 14" being the smallest. I was the only one to catch a brown this trip.

When we got out of the water, there were dozens of fishermen taking their boats out or wading in the water. When my dad and I got back to HH from picking up the truck at the dam, there was NO ONE. Not a soul. There were fish rising like crazy, and I HAD to try my luck. I swore to my dad and friend that I would catch one fish, and then we could leave because we were all hungry. The first cast my midge caught my rod tip and created a mess, 5 minutes later I casted to where I saw a fish rising. I saw my indicator bouncing, and then it went under and I caught maybe a 7-8" brookie on my 2nd cast, my first fish caught by sight fishing. I went to cast again, and got in a worse tangle, so I kept my word and cleaned up for the day. I'm VERY happy now
Trey Nichols- jato_jr@yahoo.com
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