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Old 10-26-2008, 05:24 PM
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Default Caney Fork 10/26/08

I had to go to the Caney today, it's 5 days away from my birthday so I gotta start celebrating early. I will be fishing the Caney again Nov. 1 for my "after party," if you will, and if you could come out and celebrate that would be awesome! I can't think of a better way to spend the day after my birthday than fishing.

Let's see here... I got on the water at Happy Hollow at around 8:00 when I heard the horn at the dam, so I knew I realistically had less than an hour to fish wearing hip waders. I kept having troubles with my midge depth so I was changing tippet length every 5 casts or so. I hooked up with a pretty nice brookie when I got the depth right, he was about 10" and FAT. I missed about 6 other fish by the time the water started to rise, either by stunning them, or hooking them and they shake the fly off. I missed the biggest fish I've ever hooked into with a fly rod- I saw my indicator go under, I jerked the rod up, it bent double and this weight was unreal, it jerked twice and the fly came loose. If I were to give an honest length, I'd say 16-18". Anyways, I casted to the same spot and he took it again, or another fish similar in size took it but I hooked up with this one better, he gave me a run so I was retrieving line, and then he ran towards me so the slack let him off...

I moved up to the dam after they stopped generating with Gerry, David, Trevor, and Adam. They went off towards the shoals, but I couldn't follow because the water was too deep. I fished right off the steps for about an hour or two, saw fish jumping like crazy but the water was still too deep and swift for the most part. The highlight of fishing under the dam? Because of the swift water, I was creating an "eddy" I believe, and this brown was sitting in it! He wasn't big, but I found it to be pretty entertaining to watch him swimming around eating insects that went around my boots when I thought about drifting my own midge around me! I did, and he opened his mouth and I saw my indicator bounce. I thought "No way he just did that...." I pulled up, and sure enough, he got my fly. He put up one heckuva fight for a little guy, he was about 6-8". Since I was limited by my waders and the depth of the water, I called it a day after that.
Trey Nichols- jato_jr@yahoo.com
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