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Old 12-24-2009, 01:38 PM
mora521 mora521 is offline
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Caught a copperhead on a elk hair caddis while fishing Panther creek(the one that flows into Abrams creek)in 1994.Caught a nekkid hippie chick in the last fishable pool before it it drops off the mountain in Flat laurel creek near Ivestor gap in the Pisgah NF in 1996.Did not actually hook her but we did hook up as they say.Her dreadlocks smelled like coconuts.
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Old 12-24-2009, 03:57 PM
jeffnles1's Avatar
jeffnles1 jeffnles1 is offline
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Caught a duck last summer. I was casting in a local pond when one of the resident ducks swam over my floating line. Usually, they just swim around it or turn back, this stupid duck swam right over it. Then, it took off flying (drake mallard) and got all tangled up on his foot. I put a little pressure on the drag and it came back to the lake and started flopping around making all kinds of racket. It got untangled, I got my fly back and the duck swam away squawking at me. All in all, a pretty funny day.

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Old 12-24-2009, 05:37 PM
rockhopper rockhopper is offline
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I was wondering if this would count , because he was a strange dude. First time I ever threw a fly rod was a float trip down the Yellowstone out of Gardner Mt. in 1990. I couldnt fish for you know what and I hook that poor guy at least 5 times and the fifth was a memorable one when his hat floated down the river and he pulled that boat over said lets start from scratch . Turned out to be a great teacher and guide got me hooked but he was by far the strangest and most dangerous thing I have caught to this day.

Feliz Navidad!
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Old 12-24-2009, 06:47 PM
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flyred06 flyred06 is offline
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The strangest thing I ever caught was when I was fishing with my dad on the coosa here in alabama. we fished conventional tackle and I was throwing a spoon. I hooked into something that was a dead weight and no fight. When I got it up to the boat I relized it was a sleeping bag that had gotten out into the river. On another trip my dad hooked all but the strangest. while casting a 1/2 oz rattle trap he rared back and caught my wife in the hair of her head. when he went forward she screamed. We had to cut that one out.

Merry Christmas
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Old 12-27-2009, 06:17 PM
Rog 1's Avatar
Rog 1 Rog 1 is offline
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I have been fishing a long time....have caught a lot of junk in a lot of water....biggest non-fish was a four foot alligator and never figured out who had who....then on the same water I hooked a red tail hawk that swooped down on my little rapala...and again on this same little lake I hooked a huge bull frog that took my little streamer while bass fishing.
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Old 12-28-2009, 01:15 PM
MadisonBoats's Avatar
MadisonBoats MadisonBoats is offline
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This is a great topic! It brings back a memory about getting hooked.

Unfortunately; I was on the receiving end of a treble hook. My brother, cousin, and I were fishing in a jon boat on Cove Lake when we were kids and my brother was notorious for having a lousy cast, but major whip action. Well, we showed up at 8am with minnows, food, and excitement to see what the day would bring us...No motors on this lake; so, we paddled to the first spot. As soon as I was putting my paddle down in the boat-I heard my brother's famous whip of the rod and felt my head sling hard to the right. It was like someone slapped me in the face with a bat. He had snagged me in the left ear and all three hooks set deep past the barbs perfectly around my ear canal inside my ear lobe. This was a rare shot. Instantly blood started rolling down my face and my brother was looking around the boat to see what he had snapped his line on. He asked what he had got caught on and I said, "It is in my d#$@ ear".

Well, I let him and my cousin try and get the hook out since we had just started and I wanted to fish. I could hear every movement tearing the cartilage in my ear. We paddled back to the park office and a ranger came to help. He said he could get this out in five minutes and he has seen this numerous times. After fifteen minutes; he said you are going to have to go to the hospital to get this cut out.

So, they wrapped my head and I went to the E.R. It took them three hours to cut this sucker out. The doctor had the nerve to joke with my brother by asking him if he wanted me mounted. He changed his smile when he saw my fist balled up and ready to strike.

The park gave us a rain-check and we fished another day. I will never forget that day.
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Old 12-30-2009, 02:27 PM
Ky Tim's Avatar
Ky Tim Ky Tim is offline
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Hooked and landed a sauger on a No. 4 Sneaky Pete while smallmouth fishing on Otter Creek here in KY. My guess is that it made a run up out of the Ohio River.
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Old 12-31-2009, 12:29 PM
Rebelsoul Rebelsoul is offline
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Location: Dickson Co. TN
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I caught an eel in Turnbull Creek,at first I thought it was a snake but it wasn't.My grandfather was with me and said he knew they were in there but hadn't seen one in a long time.
Come to think of it I have never looked up anything on freshwater eels...might be interesting.

*edited to add*...after taking a few minutes to search for eels,I don't think that's what it was,it's been so long ago would anyone know what it could have been.I'm thinking "eel" was just a country name for it,after all,some of the oldtimers around here called blue tail lizards "scorpions".
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Old 12-31-2009, 01:16 PM
Jim Casada Jim Casada is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Rock Hill, SC
Posts: 992

Rebelsoul--I wonder if that "eel" might have been a hellbender (also known as a water dog). As for the blue-tailed lizards (they are really skinks, I believe) I have often heard them called scropions in the Smokies. Also, I never knew a dragon fly was a dragon fly until I was grown. They were variously called "snake feeders," "mosquito hawks," or "Devil's knitting needles."
To me, all are more interesting terms than dragon fly. The old mountain folks had a truly wonderful way with words, and mountain place names and colloquial terms are wonderful--examples would be Charlie's Bunion, Huggins ****, Needmore, Stony Lonesome, Long Hungry Ridge, Advaloream Branch, and literally hundreds more.
Jim Casada
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Old 12-31-2009, 09:59 PM
stuart stuart is offline
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I hooked a nnice snapping turtle on a big popper this past summer. I hit under a tree next to the bank and popped it. I saw the turtle come up behind it. So I popped it again sorta light and it ran his neck out and i hooked him. I lost it about 5ft from me. That may have been a good thing. i didn't have alot of poppers that day and it could have gotten ugly for one of us, probably me! I also have knocked 2 birds out of the air, never landed one broke off during false casting.

CPR= catch, photo, & release!
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