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Old 06-09-2010, 09:30 AM
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Default Tournament in Wva

So i figure this may bring out some opinions, and while I agree with a lot of what people say about competitive fishing, I'm gonna tell the story anyways. I get a call and an invite to fish a flyfishing tournament in upper Wva. All expenses were paid for me, and all I had to do is be up there by 6 pm last thur. So I figured I get back from Mexico on Tuesday, no worries. On Wed night I realized that portions of the tourney would be flip mouche rules so i frantically tyed up some heavy stuff that would be in compliance with the rules, also I tyed the whole way up there too. The cabins were awesome, the food was great, views, wow Wva is also God's Country for sure. I had never fished in Wva nor in any tourney (flyfishing trout) The set up was kinda cool. there were 9-2 man teams, only 2 teams were non-pro (Mine and a buddies team) there would be 9 beats 2 3 hour sessions a day 2 days and you never re-fish the same beat you could score 7 fish total no more, you can not score a fish and keep going but once a fish was scored it can't be traded out. Day one am, fish the 6 flies they gave everyone, no more no less lose em your done, session 2 fish whatever however you want. Day 2 am Flips Mouche, pm pick 2 flies and thats all you get, lose em your done and you had to trade out and only could fish after your partner caught one and visa versa. I know a lot of rules and stuff but the different games was actually kinda fun. Hi stress for me and not why i or we fish. There were TV crews there from Fly Rod Cronicles and also from some local news outlets. After day one my partenr and I were in 3rd, after the first session of day 2 we were in first by 10 cm. I lost one of my 2 flies in the afternoon day on the 3rd cast, a monsterdrilled it showed himelf and was gone, my heart sank and I thought i just lost the tournamnet for us. Anyways we ended up doing well the last round by comaprison to the other teams. I tell ya it is nerve racking casting with a camera man in your back cast when you only have one fly left in the box and time is counting down. So in the end my partner and I took the whole darn thing, first place by over 60 cm, got a new sweet TFO 3 weight, net, shirts, hats, invites to next year, $ 500 bucks. I also got the big fish of the weekend and scored a backcountry water purifyer. Looking bakc it was very nerve racking and anxiety filled and not my thing really. That said I can't help but say that it was gratifying to prove to myself that I can fish I guess. Our sport for me anyways lends itself to isolationism, so it can be tough to know, for me anyways, if I am anygood. On the occasion i fish with buddies or vets through Healing Waters I want them to catch as much as me and the only competition is me against me with the fish mixed in there somewhere. I wasn't sure about talking about this because i do not want to come off as some comp guy trying to brag, cause i am not, I will say I fished on Sun night when i got home with my new 3 weight and I can't say I remeber a time recently where I felt the same appreciation for the ability to take my time relax and and play a pretty little wild brook to hand. That why i do this, but if any of you ever get a chance to fish a tourney, I would do it. If nothing else I learned some tips from some very good fisherman, and probably a few things about myself as well.

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