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Old 06-21-2010, 09:48 PM
JayB JayB is offline
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Default From TX to TN

My family and I moved to the Knoxville area just a few months ago from central Texas. In Texas, I'd take my oldest two boys who are 7 and 5 on long canoe trips down the Brazos river camping on the river banks, catching dinner as we go, and seeing things not too many people get to see, like bald eagles nesting and mountain lions swimming across the river! Now that my youngest son is older (he's 3 now) we've begun doing longer hikes, and a few backpacking trips. We are really looking forward to doing some backpacking in the Smokies and the Cherokee NF soon.

Ive been flyfishing for bass and bream about 2 years. Im really looking forward to hooking my first trout, but also want to find some good places to tangle with smallmouth too. I also enjoy tying, though the trout flies are a lot more frustrating to me than bass and bream flies. Even my boys tie flies with me. There is nothing more awesome than to see a 6 year old kid catch 30 bream on a fly he made up from scratch and tied himself, to the point that the foam is shredded, and the legs have been ripped off! You've never seen so big a smile on a kid.

Anyway, I hope to contribute some good reports in the future and learn something from all of you guys!

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Old 06-22-2010, 05:36 PM
Jim Casada Jim Casada is offline
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JayB--A hearty welcome and good for you for passing on the grand tradition of angling to the next generation. I was blessed to grow up in the Smokies and have access to their trout waters from my earliest memory; thanks to you your lads will have the same connection.
Jim Casada
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Old 06-22-2010, 11:07 PM
Knothead Knothead is offline
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Welcome to God's country! My recommendation would be to hook up (no pun intended) with the Trout Unlimited chapter in Knoxville. I joined the Hiwassee Chapter many years ago and learned a lot about trout, fly tying, etc. Anyone have any info on the chapter in Knoxville as I have drawn a blank as to the name and chapter number? Senior moment- again?
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Old 06-23-2010, 01:50 PM
tnh2owader's Avatar
tnh2owader tnh2owader is offline
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Smile Howdy

Howdy and welcome to east TN. Now you can always say, " I live in
God's country" and mean it. Born and raised here myself. Glad to have
people like your family move in next door. Sounds like you have a lot of those east Tennessee values and are passn'em on to your children.
God bless you,look forward to seeing your post on your first trout.
"Evil prevails when good men do nothing"
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