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Old 07-17-2010, 04:54 PM
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Default Chattanewbie

So, I've always been a regular ole spinning fishing kinda guy. However, I recently took a trip that changed me. I've been backpacking for several years and on a recent trip something happened that provoked my interest in learning how to fly fish.

Me and a few friends decided to celebrate the end of the school year (we are teachers) by taking a backpacking trip. We always do a Smokies trip at the end of May after school lets out. We decided to head up Beech Gap to Hyatt Ridge to Enloe Creek and stay at #47 then the next day head up to Hughes Ridge and over to Bradley Fork and Cabin Flats to stay at #49. I had read in the brown book that 47 was on the water and one of the prettiest campsite in the park. On a whim, I decided to bring my ultralight spinner with some flies other lures. Keep in mind, I had no idea on how to fish small streams.

To make a long story short, I was amazed at how pretty the area around 47 and the creek. I went to the creek under the bridge and noticed a ton of black looking flies swarming over the water. So I looked through my walmart flies, found a black one, tied it on, and whipped it out onto the water with my 5 ft spinning setup. Before I could flip the bale back over something hit it. of course I missed it. Tried again, same thing happened. Every time I tried, they hit it so fast i had no time to react. After I let out few profane exclamations and got over my initial frustration, I decided I had to learn to fly fish.

I went to a place on the Hiawasse and took a beginner course and casting lesson yesterday. It was great. I know I should have went to the LRO school but I just didn't have the time with the drive but I plan on supporting them whenever I'm up there. After I talk my wife into buying the TFO 4/5 weight combo (I figure this should be a good starter set), I'll be good to go.
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