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Old 08-08-2010, 11:10 PM
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Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
The 2 lady rangers (different occasions) I have had the pleasure of dealing with were very nice & completely professional. In fact one was a situation where should could have easily made a misjudgement, and not only made a good call, but also followed up and made sure nothing else happened. With proper training the differences between a man & woman are microscopic at best. While you will always get a few bad apples, I think the Park does a great job of recruiting the best around. Sorry if I sound like a feminist
I am ABSOLUTELY fine with the LADY/FEMALE/XX'rs Park Persons, LEO's, Service Women, etc... and am grateful for their Service and Protection of this Great Country...Furthermore, I am Nothing if not respectful, and deferential to their authority...often going out of my way to be completely transparent in my encounters with any LEO.
THAT being said; I rarely have kind things to say about ANYONE who takes that "You WILL Respect My AUTHORITI" attitude (In Business or Law Enforcement), when I have dislayed NOTHING but respect.

This is the 21st Century....early in the last century She wouldn't have had that job... and I would not begin to question her right or ability to do that job well today.
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