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Old 08-12-2010, 09:01 AM
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Default Sit Ontop vs. Sit Inside

Just a note here for anyone considering small craft fishing. This past weekend, I experienced the joy and pain of fishing from both a Sit On top and a Sit Inside craft as a friend and I fished the Little Tennessee River about 8 miles above its confluence with Fontana Lake. I've fished from an (sit inside) Old Town Predator Kayak for the past 7 years, mostly on Little River, other E. TN streams and lakes.

Recently had the fortune to pick up a Wilderness Systems Tarpon (sit on top) kayak. It's the smaller model and is easy enough for one person to load/unload, etc. Although the Predator has been great for Little River fishing, I found it lacking for the trip down the Little T. I let my friend take the Tarpon and he was able to navigate the shallow shoals much more easily than I was. Too many times, I was dragging tail or clamoring out of the Predator as he merrilly floated by. Also, the sit on top is much easier to get in and out of... (age is a cruel mentor).

Giving the Predator it's due, the sit inside provides easier upstream navigation (tracks better) and does provide some protection from water, a plus during winter fishing.

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