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Old 10-10-2010, 07:36 PM
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Default Caney Report

Just copied and pasted my blog post, but here it goes:

My good friend Mark and I took our monthly (give or take) trip to the Caney Fork. It's a magical time of year when the leafs start to change, the temps are cooler and the trout really start feeding on top. We started early in the day in an area with a lot of slow water. Fished some streamers and got our cast to where we wanted it to be for later in the day (in other words we weren't catching any fish). Moved on to faster water and caught a couple of nice fish. I had bought a new fluorocarbon mono to use as tippet. It was rated at four pound test, but looked thinner than my 5X Orvis tippet and broke off twice on two different fish. It was only fluoro coated, so I think I am going to go back and get some 6 pound pure fluoro. It should match up to 5X tippet better and be less visible to the fish. In addition to the nice brown pictured below, I caught a very large skip jack. They seem to be flourishing on the Caney and I've never noticed them before and especially at the sizes we were seeing. I fished for a couple of hours under a large tree and had several spiders drop down on me from the tree. I haven't tried it, but a spider pattern might be effective.

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