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Old 04-15-2011, 09:49 PM
waterwolf waterwolf is offline
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In reality we should be a society that can have a resource which we can not deplete, afterall we aren't unfamiliar with how to properly manage things so they can sustain themselves.

It is a sad testament to this country, and this state if we have to depend on any govt to keep things like this going. That we can't regulate ourselves, and have a viable fishery without the aid of the govt.

As I said earlier, if folks viewed the trout in our rivers as recreation and enjoyed them for that, rather then using the river as a grocery store then hatcheries would be useless.

Maybe if TWRA actually invested money in worthwhile projects, rather then blowing it on Elk, and other things which are pointless there could be more resources to spend on fish stockings.

It is past time for the people in this country to realize the govt is not the answer. That goes for healthcare, retirement, and income.

It's called personal responsibility, we all would be better off if we practiced more of it.

Honestly, it may be a good thing for this to happen. Maybe when the rivers are fished out the "shoppers" will realize how selfish they have been, and mature.
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