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Old 06-07-2011, 12:09 AM
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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
Pacofly13; they were stingy with me on my nicely tied dry flies. I know that emergers work pretty well and there are plenty of experienced guys on this forum to elaborate on them. I expect that nymphing will be your best choice until around 11:30am+. Throw them on short droppers if using indicators or let the extend out if you are fishing a drift. The key strike area is in the top 12" of water. Most trout go for a high probability take instead of trying to scoop a dry fly. Split back PMDs work great as well as wet flies. If you want to target the big boys and are fishing deep holes; throw some weighted phpts and allow them to drop off the shoals and in to their line of sight. They will not move more than a few inches unless it is a huge bait.
Awesome Shawn..thanks again! Can't wait to head down this week end and get in the water. I tend to at least use the old dry/dropper thing if i see some adults on the water.. just out of habit ya know. Good to know that water column also, cuz a few inches can make a big difference. Can't wait to tie some more and mess around w/ colors and stuff... probably a reason why i love this sport!
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