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Old 08-31-2011, 10:18 PM
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Default Hooked on Carp!

I was able to get out and hit some water this past Saturday, 8-27-11, with BlueRaiderFan. We started out working the shoreline of Percy Priest Lake up from some boat ramps that had some wadeable acess. We hit three of these areas over the course of about three hours without a single fish to hand. The wind had stared to pick up at our third stop and was making casting a challenge, at least for me, something I still need to work on. BRF had one more spot in mind that we should try out, a very nice sized pond. When we arrived at the "pond" we pretty much had the place to ourselves. There was quite a bit of top water action, seemed to be smallies. However, where they were busting the top was just out of our reach. I walked quite a bit of its shoreline but just couldnt get out to where the actions was. I let BRF know I was headded to the other side of the "pond" to work the area we had not seen yet. Once there the bottom look really silty/muddy and only about half shin deep. I saw a couple more of the rises over in this open area, but still they were just out of my reach. Then something to my right caught my eye, "mud puffs" ! Not sure what else to call them but I knew right away what was making them, Carp! It was two "puff" lines 6 feet to my right, so I slowly backed out of the water and went up the shoreline ahead of the Carp several feet. Just then BRF had walked up on me and we began to stalk the Carp. I had a hundred things go through my head on what to do, dont spook em, be quiet, dont splash the water, lead the fly, sight cast to em, let em nibble fly, solid hook set. All tips i've heard and read up on others post and pod cast. I had a yellow popper tyed on and cast that two times with no response. Luckily it didnt spook em. Then it hit me, shrimp pattern! Heard about using one and I happened to have one, so I hurridly tyed it on. I roll cast it past the Carp and brought it just off his nose and instantly got his atttention, then the Carp lost the fly in another carps mud puff clouds. The Carp then turned and started to head 180 degrees away, I thought I had lost my chance, just then another Carp joined up with the one I was stalking and they turned together and headed back towards me! I thought, this is it I've got to make this work. I made a perfect cast to the same Carp as before and he instantly went after it again! I let him take it, nibble, and hookset! Woo Hoo! He ran a good 30ft straight out off the bank. What a rush! After several minutes and another 25-30ft run, and with the help of BRF, we got him in. He measured 27 inches. This was my first Carp ever, and it wont be the last! I'm hooked on chasing those "Tennessee Bonefish"!

Mark <::::><

"We try to be perfect, but we're only fishermen. We wade out into the water, we don't walk on top of it."
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